Color, Light, and Crystal Therapy for Chakra Balancing and Energetic Healing Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy combines the benefits of color, light, and crystal therapies to create beneficial stimulation on both a physical and energetic level. Each crystal bed is custom created and the crystals personally programmed by a master energy healer after he was inspired to do so during a trip to Abadiania, Brazil, where he experienced the power of a crystal bed during his time with John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The combined power of crystals, light and color contribute to a profound Reiki healing experience.

Each crystal bed consists of 7 clear quartz crystals housed in individual movable units that are used in conjunction with light to focus energy on the seven major chakras. As colored light shines through each crystal, the light radiates color and energy through the charged crystal. Chakras are balanced, cleansed, and aligned, allowing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to function as they were meant to do. This powerful balancing and recharging of the body’s energy systems results in an experience that is peaceful, relaxing, and restorative. As a result of experiencing chakra balancing using Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy, clients experience Increased energy Feelings of deep relaxation
Increased feelings of peace and well-being Reduced stress A deeper understanding of themselves and life situations Aligned Chakras and the flow of abundance in many areas, including financial

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